Hydrozo Division:

Water Repellants & Coatings:

100:  High-performance, clear, 100% silane penetrating sealer

Enviroseal 20:   Clear, water-based 20% silane penetrating sealer

Enviroseal 40:  Clear, water-based, 40% silane penetrating sealer

Enviroseal 7:  Water-based silane/siloxane water-repellent sealer

Enviroseal Double 7 for Brick:   High-performance, water-based, silane/siloxane water-repellent sealer

Enviroseal PBT (Porous Block Treatment):  High-performance, water-based, patented silane/siloxane blended water-repellent sealer for lightweight block.

Sonneborn Division:

Deck Coatings:

Conipur II Deck Coating System:  High-solids polyurethane waterproofing, traffic bearing membrane systems for vehicular and pedestrian areas.

Sonoguard Deck Coating System:  Polyurethane waterproofing, traffic bearing membrane systems for vehicular and pedestrian areas.

Below Grade:

Sonolastic HLM-5000 (Roller Grade):  Liquid, cold-applied elastomeric waterproofing membrane system.



Below Grade:

1000:  A two-component high performance coating and lining that forms a seamless, tough elastomeric membrane

1000 Trowel Grade:  A tough, liquid applied, two component, chemical and corrosion resistant urethane elastomer coating, chemically thickened to allow trowel applications with minimum sag.

1061:  A two-component high performance coating and lining that forms a seamless, tough elastomeric lining.

61 BG Epoxy Primer:  A two-component epoxy primer that is primarily used to limit outgassing or bubbling on porous substrates like concrete

Bonding Agent:  An organo-silicone compound dispersed in isopropyl alcohol. The bonding agent improves the adhesion of CIM high performance coatings to a variety of surfaces.

Scrim:  Is a three ounce stitch bonded polyester material that is used to provide for uniform applications over cracks, details, vertical to horizontal transitions and can also be used as a backing when applied over earthen surfaces.


Dow Corning

Water Repellants & Coatings:

Allguard Silicone Elastomeric Coating:  Water-based silicone elastomer for waterproofing above-grade exterior masonry substrates.



Below Grade:

650 Mastic:  Is an asphalt/rubber based mastic which provides excellent adhesion to the:

Polyguard 650 Waterproofing Membrane (roll), structural concrete, masonry and wood surfaces. 650 Mastic is an integral part of the Polyguard Waterproofing System and substitutions are not allowed. 650 Mastic is designed to protect the termination edges, overlaps, patches and any additional detailing areas.



Water Repellants & Coatings:

Saltguard WB (water-based):  Deeply penetrating water and salt barrier for concrete.

Weather Seal Blok-Guard & Graffiti Control:  Water and graffiti repellant

Weather Seal Natural Stone Treatment WB: Economical water replleant

Weather Seal Siloxane PD:  Long-lasting, prediluted water repellant

Weather Seal Siloxone WB Concentrate:  Long-lasting, high-performance repellant



Below Grade:

Paraseal:  HSPW/Bentonite Sheet Membrane Dual Waterproofing System; Self-sealing sheet waterproofing membrane manufactured to controlled thicknesses of 150 mils to 200 mils of tough, high density polyethylene (HDPE) and expandable granular Bentonite.  Used on structures below grade or between slab.  Excellent for use on poured and block foundations walls, split slab parking and plaza decks.    It has outstanding performance when used under conditions of high water head and installed prior to the concrete pour such as retaining walls, elevator pits, etc.  4’ x 24’ standard rolls.

Permaquick PQ200:  Crystalline capillary waterproof coating.  Ideal for stopping water in all concrete structures:  water tanks, basement walls, tunnels, lift pits, waterproofing floor slabs, swimming pools, and sewerage treatment plants.

TremDrain Series Drainage Mats:   Multi-Composite Drainage and Protection Boards 

Vulkem 201 (Roller Grad):  Fluid-applied, elastomeric coal-tar free waterproofing.  Designed for use on backfilled walls and planters and may be used in split slab applications.

Vulkem 250GC:  Single Component, Rapid Curing, Fluid-Applied Elastomeric Waterproofing Membrane.  Designed fo ruse on backfilled walls, split slab applications, planters and submerged conditions.

Deck Coatings:

Vulkem 350/351:  Composite waterproofing  system comprised of tough-curing liquid polyurethane.  The system uses an aggregate-laden top membrane to aid in slip-resistance and wear-resistance.    May be used to apply a seamless, monolithic waterproof membrane to concrete surfaces.  A cold-applied deck coating system designed for waterproofing plaza decks, pedestrian walkways and balconies.

Vulkem 350/351/346:  A modified polyurethane Traffic Deck Coatings Systems comprised of a base coat (350), heavy duty intermediate coat (345) and a top coat (346).  Designed to have tenacious adhesion, extreme impact and abrasion resistance along with remarkable chemical stability.  A cold applied Traffic Deck Coating System designed for waterproofing concrete slabs and protecting occupied areas underneath from water damage.