Concrete & Masonry


One Restore (original formula):  Commercial grade restoration detergent and stain remover, with a wide range of applications and substrates

Calcite Presoak:   Pre-soak softener to facilitate quick removal of calcite on brick, block or concrete; water stains on limestone, block, precast, and unpolished marble

Cleansol BC: Cleansol BC is an all-purpose alkaline cleaner for use on painted metal, EIFS, vinyl, roofs, porous concrete, siding, wood, etc., while acting as a neutralizer for acids used in high rise restoration

Ef-Fortless:  A soap solution that counteracts efflorescence and helps to prevent its return

GS Restoration: GS Restoration (GSR) is a non-hydrofluoric restoration detergent designed for glazed brick, concrete and terra cotta cleaning.

NMD 80:  NMD 80 is a buffered detergent-based solution designed for removing mortar smears and efflorescence from new masonry structures. NMD 80 can be used on virtually any type of brick, block, stone, cast stone, pre-cast and glass


Mapefer 1K:  Corrosion-inhibiting coating for reinforcing steel

Mapecem Quick Patch:  High-performance, high-flow concrete patch

Planicrete AC:  Universal Latex Additive

Planicrete UA:  Sanded micro-topping

Planitop 15:  Form-and-pour, one-component repair mortar

Planitop FD:  Full-depth repair mortar

Planitop X:  Fast-setting horizontal, vertical and overhead one-component repair mortar.

Planitop XS:  Extended-working-time, vertical and overhead one-part repair mortar


Prime Resins

Prime Flex 900 XLV: Water activated Polyurethane foam injection resin;  Is a thin liquid resin that reacts with water and expands to form a closed cell, watertight foam.  It is used to seal actively leaking joints and cracks in concrete structures.  Material is typically injected under pressure through injection ports.   It  is used for sealing active leaks in above or below grade concrete structures.

Prime Flex 920 :  Water activated rigid polyurethane foam injection resin.  Is a very thin resin that reacts with water and expands to form a closed cell, watertight, rigid foam.  It is used to fill voids, stabilize soil, and cut off gushing leaks.   Material is typically injected under pressure through injection ports.    It is used for cutting off gushing water leaks in below grade structures.  Stabilizing soil.  Curtain grouting manholes, pipe joints, tunnels, etc.  Point grouting

Bang-In Ports:  Accessory

Prime Flex Eco Flush:  Reusable, biodegradable pump flush;  Used for flushing liquid resins from pumps, hoses and other dispensing equipment.  Cleaning and soaking accessories.  Flushing of various other polymers including acrylics, methacrylates, and polyurethane adhesives.

Speed Bond #1:  Fast setting, high strength epoxy anchoring adhesive.  It is designed to anchor dowel bars, anchor bolts, rods, and pins into concrete.  


EnviroKlean Divison:

2010 All Surface Cleaner:  Multiple-use cleaner and degreaser:  soiled stone, tile and masonry

EK Restoration Cleaner:  Near-neutral pH carbon and pollution remover

SafRestorer:  Non-fuming restoration cleaner for masonry and stone


SureKlean Divison:

600:  New masonry cleaner

BioWash:  Biological soiling remover for masonry

Custom Masonry Cleaner:  Concentrated concrete cleaner and brightener

Fast Acting Paint Stripper:  Multi-layer paint remover

Heavy Duty Restoration Cleaner:  Concentrated carbon and pollution remover

Weather Seal Blok-Guard & Graffiti Control:  Water and graffiti repellent

Weather Seal Natural Stone Treatment WB:  Economical water repellent

Weather Seal Siloxane PD:  Long-lasting, prediluted water repellent

Weather Seal Siloxane WB Concentrate:  Long-lasting, high-performance water repellent